Renewal of Malaysia Passport At Malaysia Embassy In Singapore: 2012 Experience

For more information of changes make in 2013 to malaysia passport, please refer to 2013 Malaysia Passport Application.

Below excerpt is based on 2012 experience:-

This is the 2nd time I renew my passport in Singapore. My 1st time experience is a pleasant one, we submit the old passport in the morning and by afternoon we can collect bad the passport. The flow is more or less being summarized nicely at the following link:-

The particular remark by the post that caught my eye is the following statement posted in the website:-


The whole passport renewal process can no longer be completed in one day. The below flow is effective starting 1st June 2012.

  • Day 1: obtain queue number
  • Day 4: submit form and required documents, and make payments
  • Day 6~8: passport collection (depending on the pending renewal applications)

Nevertheless I decided to try my luck as the embassy website did not give any inclination that the passport renewal flow has being changed from one day to above mentioned 8 days activity.

I go equipped with IM.42 form, 2 passport photo with blue background, Malaysian IC, Singapore PR IC, 2 set of photocopies of Malaysian and Singapore PR IC and SD124. I arrived at the embassy aroun 7.15am and collected the queue card by depositing my company ID card. I was quite chuffed that I am no.10 in the queue.


The embassy opens its gate at 7.30am. We will then be ushered in by an Indian lady officer. I remembered this lady from my last visit to the embassy. The indian lady officer greets us by informing that one day submission and collection no longer available. The new flow is as followed:-

  • Tuesday (Day 1): Queue for submission appointment date
  • Friday (Day 4): Old passport submission
  • Following Monday (Day 8): New passport collection

She added that if we want one day processing, she advised us to go to Johor for passport processing. With this remark, a few of the applicants actually left the embassy. Having learnt to take thing easy, I decided to just go with the flow but not amused of how the system has reversely progress since I was here for the same purpose 5 years’ ago.

The lady also act as an inspector on our form filling, ensuring all the form is filled correctly before allowing us to queue for the appointment date. The counter opens at 8am and I was now becoming the no.4 in the queue. A pleasant surprise again when I was given the appointment date, it is dated on the same day and I was puzzled and even asked for clarification. The officer just ask me to take a seat and wait for my queue no.


My queue no. is called around 8.30am. Things goes smoothly except my passport photo got rejected cause the photo I submitted is similar to the one I used 5 years ago. I was asked to retake the photo at the onsite photo booth. Luckily, I do not need to requeue. So, I duly paid 7 dollars to get a passport photo taken with a very serious eyebag. Never mind I told myself,just have to stick with panda bear photo for the coming 5 years.

After all that, I received my collection slip. I am due to collect the passport 2 days later at 2.30pm. As I completed my submission by 9am, I decided to cancel my leave and head back to work.


On the collection day I reach the embassy at 2pm. The gate is open and I encountered again the same security uncle who is very specific in making sure everyone wearing the Queue ID Card. I was being told off cause I was holding the card in my palm, I think I was also being told off for the same reason 5 years’ ago. Lots of de ja vu moments.


The counter opens at 2.30pm and basically we collect our passport base on the queue ID no. The process was quick as I am no.17. By 3pm, I collected my new passport.


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14 Responses to Renewal of Malaysia Passport At Malaysia Embassy In Singapore: 2012 Experience

  1. beibeip says:

    Try online passport renewal next time.. although the collection branch not include Singapore yet , but you can choose JB to get it.

  2. Jason says:

    Very useful. Thank you! I was surprised that they had changed the process so 1-day applications/collections were no longer possible. But I got mine done in 3 days which isn’t too bad. Great information and very much appreciated 🙂

  3. Vin says:

    Hi. for the form IM.42, can we just print it out on our own? For the 2 copies of Msia and Spore ICs, I suppose they need to be front and back?


    • Wafu says:

      Hi, sorry for late reply. U can collect the form for free at the guard house. Otherwise, you can print out the form but must in double sided page. Yes, IC copy also needs front and back.

  4. Mei Mei says:

    hi, may i ask how much does it cost? is it the same as Malaysia?

  5. Tan Seng kok says:

    For the very first time I renew my passport at the High Commission office in Singapore. I’m so impress with the courtesy of the staff n efficiency that few country counterparts can match. Where else can you get your passport renewed within a few hours? Not to mention a very helpful staff who guided me from filling up the application to where I should queue for collection. Good job keep it up !

  6. Kenneth says:

    in 1 day ? may I know if the service center is opened on Saturday ?

  7. JESSY says:

    Malaysia services never improve always drag and drag!!!

  8. Spatong says:

    Hey guys, Im in the army and i currently do not have so much time on my hand. Just a quick question ! Can i go in the afternoon with printed IM42 and all the needed documents and get a queue number and submit to them maybe lets say at 2pm? And do i need my parents to be with me? Im 22 of age now. And upon collection do i personally have to collect it? Or can my parents collect it on my behalf? Many thanks hit me back soon !

  9. AMato says:

    Hi, submitted passport renewal for my daughter yesterday and will be going back to pick up the new passport today. So yes, it takes 2 days for this process.
    Children must be there to submit the application (till 12:30pm). If they are above 2, they will have to be there the next day (2:30pm) to collect it too.

  10. Amy says:

    for senior passport also need 3 working days.

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